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100 Days Project to cultivate a creative practice - Day 52

52/100 of my 100 Day Project to create 100 new art pieces in the next 100 days to cultivate a creative practice.

 The start of this new year has been a bit busy, with a four day long headache (🤕 😭) and returning to work at my remote job. BUT. We're back at it. I wanted to finish this project before my silent meditation retreat in mid-Feb, but we'll see -- I might do a few double days, or I might just let that arbitrary date pass by and see when this gets done. Life happens as it does.

Today's poem reminds us that no one really knows exactly what they're doing. We just need to have the courage to figure it out, together.

Art for book lovers
Nobody knows for sure
how to build this future
but she gained the courage as she went on
// Words cut from:
+ How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
+ Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire
+ Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Click here for more collage poems and watercolor art you can add to your art collection.

I'll be sharing each new piece here as well as on instagram, so follow along if you'd like to see an evolution of art, and let me know if you decide to start your own project!

Thank you for being here 👋 I'm a queer creative based in Barcelona working to be a good human and contribute to a world full of joy & care for ourselves and for future generations.

I want to work together to help you create the world you want to live in. I write, make art, and create community spaces for us to to share thoughts, feelings, & opportunities for us to explore together. Being human is hard, but we can make it easier for each other. I believe in us. 💜

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