Soft Heart Book Club Reading List

Welcome to the Soft Heart Book Club, your leftist book club with a focus on cultivating care and connection to enable us to better drive change and co-create the world we want to live in. 

We're starting up again after a brief hiatus, and I'd be delighted to read, learn, and explore with you!

You can pick up these books at your local library, local indie bookstore, or if you're buying online, I'd recommend getting them at which is an excellent Amazon alternative for buying books that shares profits with independent bookstores around the country. (All links below go to and are affiliate links which means your purchase also supports this book club being run 💜) If you're struggling to find a copy, please reach out to me via email or Discord, and I'm sure I can help you out 🤝

Soft Heart Book Club Reading List

Check out all books that have been on the list in this collection here.


For 2023, the book club will meet the last Thursday of each month at 6pm Pacific time (9pm US Eastern, 12pm Friday Australian Eastern)