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Soft Heart Book Club Sign-up

Soft heart book club - leftist book club

Get a curated (and ever expanding) book list with recommendations to help you expand your thinking around care, connection, communities, and how we can be better and build a better world. 

You'll also get access to our Discord space where we can chat about books, what we're reading, learning, and doing on our path toward creating the world we want to live in. Growth and change are hard, so let's do it together. Welcome to the community 🥰 

Each month we'll choose one book to focus on, and you'll be invited to a Zoom meet up at the end of the month where we can meet and chat about the topics in the reading, what we learned, what we're struggling with, and help each other on our paths. But there's no pressure to engage -- whatever works best for you.

I look forward to growing with you!

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