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Riles Reads: The Red Deal by The Red Nation

If we want to make the world a better place, we must do work within, but also look at the work that must be done in society at large. The Red Deal: Indigenous Action to Save Our Earth by the Red Nation lays out a plan for how we could work together to combat climate change from an anti-imperialist perspective, bringing Indigenous wisdom to our global problems. 

We must find ways to work together, to reshape society to be centered on care and compassion rather than profit and plunder, if we are to survive the climate change crisis. 

The Red Deal reminds us that we must work to not only care for other humans, but make compassion for the rest of the world part of our focus as well. 

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Thank you for being here 👋 I'm a queer creative based in Barcelona working to be a good human and contribute to a world full of joy & care for ourselves and for future generations.

I want to work together to help you create the world you want to live in. I write, make art, and create community spaces for us to to share thoughts, feelings, & opportunities for us to explore together. Being human is hard, but we can make it easier for each other. I believe in us. 💜

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