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March Series: Daffodils

Hey y'all, 

Sorry for the delayed update, but I blinked and spring had sprung! I wanted to share with y'all this month's flower for my monthly series of paintings that I turn into a zine for my patreons over on Patreon. This month, as spring is springing and they're starting to bloom (at least here in Seattle), I'll be focusing on the daffodil.  

Daffodils symbolize inspiration, renewal, hope, and rebirth because they are one of the first blooms in early spring. (Similar to the Snowdrops we looked at in January!) 

The Latin name for daffodil is Narcissus, from the sun of the Greek river god Cephissus. He was said to be very beautiful. Narcissus' mother was told that he would live a long life, as long as he never recognized himself. But he went to a riverbank, looked into the water, saw his reflection, and fell in love with himself. After either pining away (or other means of death, the legends conflict), a Narcissus flower (or daffodil) grew in the spot where he died. (That same legend is where we get the word narcissist from.) 

Paintings from the daffodil series will be available in early April, and if you'd like to get an exclusive zine containing this art as well as a daffodil sticker, be sure to check out my Patreon.


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