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Hey y'all, 

So I've decided to embark on a 78-day journey deepening my exploration of the tarot, and beginning to move my relationship with my cards from just a personal connection into something I'm talking about in a more public space. The tarot represents a collection of intuitive knowledge about the human experience, created over centuries and shares as archetypes, themes, and symbols. By engaging with this, we can find guidance for our own paths from the wisdom of those who have come before us.

My plan is to pull a daily tarot card and share it here and on Instagram until I have gone through all of the 78 cards in the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. I've had this deck for years and worked with it in my own personal explorations, but I've never gone through the whole deck methodically like this. So I thought I'd do it now, and bring y'all along for the ride. This way we can together talk about the themes that arise, how they affect our lives today, in the past, or could in the future. And together we will be prepared to use the cards to do more complex readings to help us uncover patterns in our lives and strategies we may want to use to address them.

As I shared recently, I'm thinking about putting together an oracle deck based on my floral imagery and collage divination pieces. I see this walkthrough of the tarot as part of my research for this oracle deck. I want to weave together some of the traditional meanings, symbols, themes, and archetypes with collage poetry and floral symbolism to create a set of oracle cards to help you connect to your own intuitive journey. 

I look forward to sharing with you!

With love,

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