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Floral earrings coming soon

Since I started working with polymer clay at the beginning of this year, I knew I wanted to be making floral pieces to align with the exploration of the natural world that I've been doing via my watercolor paintings and monthly art zine over on Patreon

This month, it's happening! My first collection of floral polymer clay earrings will be released on Sunday, March 28th at 12pm. (But if you're a patron on Patreon or you're signed up for my mailing list, you'll hear about it a little bit in advance, so you'll be able to snag a piece you love!)

Here are some sample pieces from the "Pink Night" colorway. These pink flowers pop out from the background, and the texture is even better in person. They're each handcrafted and cut from a shared slab, so the colors and shapes are similar, but no two pairs are exactly alike. 
This initial launch will just have a few colorways in this floral style, as well as some new statement earring shapes that I'll share with y'all soon. Check out my instagram to stay up to date on the pieces going into this collection! I'm really excited to share these with you. 
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