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February Flower Series: Primroses

As a continuation of my year of florals, I'm here to share with you more about February's flower, the common primrose. 

Primrose flowers are ubiquitous, especially since they are relatively low maintenance perennials that bloom early and stay in flower most of the season. There are more than 400 varietals, and they come in all different colors, which makes for a fun way to add some color into this month's work. 

Blue primroses

Primroses are often marked by their bright yellow center surrounded by five colorful petals. I plan to play around with these colors and they way they meld as I explore this with watercolors. Here's an early iteration of a watercolor piece.

Riles' watercolor painting of  primrose

Beyond the physical form, we'll explore the symbolism of the primrose through collage poetry this month. Primroses symbolize courage, patience, kindness, and nurturing among other things. These are the themes I will dig into this month while creating new pieces for my monthly zine 'small things for soft hearts' that I send to my patrons at the end of the month. (Check it out if you'd like to get monthly art mail direct to your doorstep to inspire you to explore your own life themes accompanied with beautiful watercolor paintings.) 

Are you familiar with primrose flowers? Do you like the look of them? Let me know in the comments 😘 

I'll be sharing more of the pieces as I work on them on instagram, and you can see the original art I've created from the series in the last couple months if you check out my original art for sale here.

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with love,

Thank you for being here 👋 I'm a queer creative based in Barcelona working to be a good human and contribute to a world full of joy & care for ourselves and for future generations.

I want to work together to help you create the world you want to live in. I write, make art, and create community spaces for us to to share thoughts, feelings, & opportunities for us to explore together. Being human is hard, but we can make it easier for each other. I believe in us. 💜

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