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#SoftHeartSessions - Create your new year - Day 5

Howdy y'all, 

It's time for Day 5 of Create your new year, a series of #SoftHeartSessions daily journal prompts made to guide you through your next stage of growth. You can find the whole series here, or go back and start from Day 1.) Remember that if you miss a day any time, that's okay, just start again -- we are all human after all, and the best thing we can do is expect mistakes and just work through them. 💜

Now, find yourself 15 minutes and some space to write or record yourself as you work through today's prompt.

We've talked about How you give and receive care. Now let's dig into why. What do you care about? Consider 2-4 values that drive most of your decisions and actions: can you distill those down to words or phrases that highlight your core values? How do they make you feel when you see them written out?

Today's focus in digging into your why. What is it you want to be working on? Why do you care? Once you write or talk out a bunch of this, see how you can distill this into smaller words or phrases that can act as touchstones for you as you move forward.

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts you'd like to share about what your explore with today's prompt. Maybe you could share a couple of the touchstone values you distilled today, to inspire others who are working through this. Though of course, there's no pressure to share anything 🤗

If you'd like to work through these daily prompts in a more social space or share your feelings about them afterward, you can join the Soft Heart Society Discord group here. The Soft Heart Society is an open group I run for caring creatives, and within it we have a section for folks participating in Soft Heart Sessions, so you can share about any feelings the journaling prompts have brought up for you and have folks who have also worked through them to chat with. You're welcome any time 💖

And if you aren't signed up to receive the whole series directly to your email, sign up here, so you can get each prompt emailed directly to you and won't miss any days. 💜 When you sign up, the prompts will start from Day 1, so you're able to start your three week session fresh 📃

As always, 
with love,

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