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#SoftHeartSessions - Create your new year - Day 1

Welcome to this Soft Heart Session, a series of prompts to help you explore the next steps of your creative growth. For the next three weeks, each day you'll get a new prompt to help you explore your cares, cultivate your creativity, and grow your confidence in taking the next steps toward turning your vision into a reality.

If you haven't already, check out this post on how to be prepared to start a three week journaling habit and tips on sticking to it. Remember that if you miss a day any time, that's okay, just start again -- we are all human after all, and the best thing we can do is expect mistakes and just work through them. 💜

Now, find yourself 15 minutes and some space to write or record yourself as you work through today's prompt. 

Let's start this off by exploring what "care" means. What comes to mind when you think of the word "care"? What do you care about? How do you tend to share care, and what makes you feel cared about?

We'll get started just thinking about care. In order to step toward what we want to create in the world, we need to know why. What is it that is driving us toward creation? What is it that we care about? And not only this, but how do we show care? What does it mean to "care"? 

Often, we relegate care to things like "caring professions" of nursing or active care-taking. But if we look deeper, every action we take is a step of showing care about Something. Thinking about it that way, what does care mean to you?


Leave a comment if you have any thoughts you'd like to share about what your explore with today's prompt. And if you aren't signed up to receive the whole series directly to your email, sign up here, so you can get each prompt emailed directly to you and won't miss any days. 

If you'd like to work through these prompts in a more social space, you can join the Soft Heart Society Discord group here. The Soft Heart Society is an open group I run for caring creatives, and within it we have a section for folks participating in Soft Heart Sessions, so you can share about any feelings the prompts have brought up for you and have folks who have also worked through them to chat with. You're welcome any time 💖


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